CMTS Solutions That Maximize Capacity While Minimizing OpEx

  • Maximize revenue with capabilities that offer unprecedented 1000+ DS capacity per chassis to deliver the bandwidth required to watch TV, anywhere in the home and on multiple devices while lowering costs per channel
  • Maximize your CapEx with a highly flexible platform that allows scaling from what you need today and adding more channels via software upgrades
  • Prevent outages with 99.999% availability and hitless fail-over of all active CMTS components that decreases outages and time needed to correct them
  • Reduce OpEx with industry-leading rack space, power and cooling efficiencies, plus a “wire once” architecture that reduces the need for re-cabling
  • Position your network now for the future of DOCSIS 3.0, DOCSIS 3.1 and CCAP with a revolutionary new platform

ARRIS CMTS and CCAP solutions power broadband services for top cable operators, allowing rapid and reliable service growth into the future. Always at the forefront of developing reliable and innovative solutions and standards for the industry’s toughest challenges, ARRIS offers best-in-class CMTS and CCAP solutions that provide a real return on infrastructure investments and operating expenses.